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  1. For those of you in the Boston/Cambridge area, this production is only the fifth in the history of the American Repertory Theater to feature dance exclusively. Should be really exciting. Below is the official blurb- www.harvardballetcompany.org has more information, photo galleries, company bios, performance excerpts and interviews. Momentum is the show of the year where seductive ballet dancers rock to live renegade industrial music; where grace meets urban contemporary. Thresholds are surpassed as the innovative Josie Walsh (formally of the Joffrey Ballet, Zurich Ballet, and currently director of MyoKyo) fuses the majestic lure of aerialists with classical elegance and the pounding music of Paul Rivera, Jr., L.A's over the edge, 10ft tall stilt-walking rocker. Established alumni, including Claudia Schreier and Larissa Douglas Koch, and student choreographers premiere works as the best of Harvard's artistic talent converge on one stage, including renowned Music Professor Hans Tutschku, to create a thrilling approach to dance as a multidisciplinary collaborative art. Harvard Ballet Company has quietly grown into one of America’s premiere student dance companies. Since its last Mainstage production, American Grace, the company has gained many talented dancers, rising choreographers, and fresh ambition. While American Grace looked to dance in the 20th century, featuring path-breaking choreographers of the past like Martha Graham, George Balanchine and Fred Astaire, Momentum will look forward, giving Harvard students the chance to participate in the creation of innovative world premieres. WHEN: Friday Nov. 6: 8pm Saturday Nov. 7: 8pm Sunday Nov. 8: 8pm Thursday Nov. 12: 8pm Friday Nov. 13: 8pm Saturday Nov. 14: 2pm Saturday Nov. 14: 8pm WHERE: Loeb Mainstage 64 Brattle Street Cambridge, MA 02138 Box Office: (617)547-8300 For tickets, please contact the Harvard Box Office. (617-496-2222) For more information, please visit harvardballetcompany.org and hrdctheater.com
  2. Hi everyone, Below is a blog entry I wrote for Time Out NY, along with a video compilation of some of her farewell curtain calls (all her piece d'occasions intact)- stay tune for a longer version that includes flowers and almost all of Nina's last curtains... : Nina's Final Curtain Call Enjoy!!
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