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  1. For those of you in the Boston/Cambridge area, this production is only the fifth in the history of the American Repertory Theater to feature dance exclusively. Should be really exciting. Below is the official blurb- www.harvardballetcompany.org has more information, photo galleries, company bios, performance excerpts and interviews. Momentum is the show of the year where seductive ballet dancers rock to live renegade industrial music; where grace meets urban contemporary. Thresholds are surpassed as the innovative Josie Walsh (formally of the Joffrey Ballet, Zurich Ballet, and currently direc
  2. Hi everyone, Below is a blog entry I wrote for Time Out NY, along with a video compilation of some of her farewell curtain calls (all her piece d'occasions intact)- stay tune for a longer version that includes flowers and almost all of Nina's last curtains... : Nina's Final Curtain Call Enjoy!!
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