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A Message to the Students

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Students sometimes say:

"I don't have feet like Alessandra Ferri. Can I still be a professional?"

"My legs don't go as high as Sylvie Guillem's. Will any companies hire me?"

The answer, dear students, is no.

But not for the reasons you think.

The reason you won't be a professional is because you are too concerned how you look in photographs and not concerned enough about how you look in motion. Use your feet exquisitely, and no one will notice how they're shaped. Unfold your leg gracefully, and no one will pull out a protractor and count degrees. Make the audience laugh, weep, and sigh, and you will be loved and remembered for years instead of being relegated to a dusty textbook. Remember that Ferri is famous for her feet, but she is more famous for how she makes people feel, and Guillem does indeed have high extensions, but it's how she uses them that makes her great.

Above all, if your teacher does not tell you how to do this, find one who does!

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