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Unlike my first post, this is not a daydream. I actually had a dream about teaching a ballet class, and I'm still not sure what that implies in terms of my sanity! :wink: I was giving an adagio, and the really crazy part is that I remembered it when I woke up! It's not the most interesting or creative combination ever, but I might use it for my class on Saturday. It goes like this:

Adagio, 4/4 time. 5th position croisé, R foot front.

Measure 1:

Beats 1-2: Developpé devant.

Beats 3-4: Passé to 1st arabesque.

Measure 2:

Beats 1-2: Plié, change arms to 2nd arabesque.

Beats 3-4: Pas de bourré dessous.

Measure 3:

Beats 1-2: Developpé derrière to 3rd arabesque.

Beats 3-4: Plié, change arms to 4th arabesque.

Measure 4:

Beats 1-2: Pas de bourré dessous.

Beats 3-4: Tombé forward on the L foot, R foot pointe tendue derrière, and port de bras bending forward with arms to 3rd. Recover, close 5th, arms to preparatory.

Measure 5: Developpé L leg to ecarté devant.

Measure 6:

Beat 1: Rise to demi-pointe.

Beat 2: Tombé onto the L foot raising the R leg ecarté derrière, arms to 3rd.

Beats 3-4: Pas de bourré dessous.

Measure 7:

Beats 1-2: Developpé the R leg to attitude derrière croisé.

Beats 3-4: Tour lent (promenade) bringing the working leg to retiré position.

Measure 8:

Beat 1: Extend the working ( R) leg to effacé devant.

Beat 2: Rise to demi-pointe.

Beat 3: Tombé onto the R foot, raising the L leg in 2nd arabesque.

Beat 4: Pas de bourré dessous.

Now, if only I could plan all my classes in my sleep!


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