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Boys' Training



I'm growing (or perhaps just realizing that I always have been) disenchanted with the quality of boys' training. I feel that in mixed-gender classes, they do not receive the same quality of instruction the girls do, and I don't think there's any reason for this. Contributing to the problem, in my opinion, is the lax standard in terms of attire. Letting the boys wear soccer shorts is fine when they're 8, but even when they are 10 and in proper attire, they wear saggy tights and oversized shirts. Imagine if the girls came to class in leotards three sizes too big with the crotch of their tights somewhere around their knees--it would never be allowed, and for good reason: properly fitted ballet attire allows the instructor to see the muscles better so they can offer corrections.

What this boils down to is boys who do not develop the same work ethic girls do in terms of perfecting their technique, unless they are already very observant and self-motivated from a young age. By the time a boy is a teenager and has developed his own motivation, the foundation that good early training would have given him is not there.

How to fix the situation? It's simple: Hold boys to the same standards as the girls!

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As it has always been a little difficult to encourage boys to "wear tights" etc, there is often a lack of firm-ness in their teaching. They normally develope a bit slower then girls and are laging behind in their motivation, thus most teachers tend to favor the boys and relax their standards in order not to scare them off. The larger established schools have the few boys that are serious about dancing and in these schools the problem is a bit different. Attire in class is actually more for the discipline of the student then for the teacher. I spent many years teaching proffesional dancers in europe and had no problem in seeing what needed to be correctedon on a dancer due to his or her attire....

I really do believe that the first step is encouraging men to enter the class....the secon d step is to make them interested enough to stay, the third step is to teach them love and discipline for an art form....(but yes i agree with u)

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