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katharine kanter

Does NOTHING ever happen in Denmark ?

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No reports - nothing - "silence radio" as the French say ? Does no-one ever dance ANYTHING in a way worth reporting ? There is an entire new generation of dancers on stage, of whom we know nothing ? Speak up, Danes !

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Royal Danish Ballet dancer Fernando Mora was promoted soloist on December 17th.

From www.kgl-teater.dk

Fernando Mora, was born in 1974 and trained at the National Ballet School in Mexico City.

In 1993 Fernando Mora became member of the Royal Danish Ballet, where among other roles he has danced the Prince in Nutcracker, Prince in Etudes, the Prince of Mongolia and Pas de Six in The Sleeping Beauty, Espada in Napoli, Lærtes in Hamlet, and soloist roles in Suite en Blanc, Return of a Strange Land, Napoli, A Folk Tale, The Wish, Gaité Parisienne, and Jazz.

Fernando Mora was awarded the prizes Prix de Jury of Conceurs International de Danse de Paris in 1992 and the Professional Prize Prix de Lausanne in 1993, and the Statoil Grant.

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