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Another News from Hamburg: Hamburg Choreographic Competition -- Prix D

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Because there's a lot of controversies raised for ballet competitions, I wonder what people think about choreographic competitions? Anyway, I thought this news might be of interest for some people. The 2nd Don Perignon, a world choreographic competition, will be hosted by the Hamburg Ballet on July 12th. I personally think this competition will be a great opportunity to allow young choreographers (who often don't get the opportunities to have their works seen by major artistic directors of the work and have them show-cased) to really enter the market of choreography making. And we need more choreographers these days than dancers!! This competition looks very very high in standard -- here is the list of the judges for the competition:

Reid Anderson, Director, Stuttgart Ballet

Dinna Bjørn, Director, Norwegian National Ballet

Boris Eifman, Director and Choreographer, St.Petersburg Ballet Theater

Carla Fracci, Director, Teatro dell'Opera, Rome

Daniela Kurz, Director and Choreographer, Ballett Nürnberg

Brigitte Lefèvre, Director, Ballet de l'Opéra de Paris

Giorgio Mancini, Director, Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève

John Neumeier, Director and Choreographer, The Hamburg Ballet

Makharbek Vasiev, Director, Ballet of The Mariinsky Theater

AND here are the finalists:

Emanuele Soavi - "Last resort"

Jirí Bubenícek - "Fragile Vessels"

Gustavo Ramirez Sansano - "Weight on my back"

Glaudi Bombardo - "Geste(e)"

Yaroslav Ivanenko - "Morning Prayers"

Jérôme Delbey - "Al Santo Sepolcro YHWH684"

Susanna Leinonen - "Babolat"

Yukich Hattori - "Piece"

Daniel Zaboj - "What keeps Mankind alive!"

Jirí Bubenícek , Yaroslav Ivanenko, and Yukichi Hattori are all dancers of the Hamburg Ballet. Jirí Bubenícek is a principal dancer. I don't know much about Ivanenko, but Bubenícek also has a twin brother, Otto Bubenícek, who is also a principal with them!! Yukichi Hattori is a rising dancer/choreographer in Japan. In Neumeier's last work, "Nijinsky," Neumeier created the role "Stanislav" (Nijinsky' mentally-ill brother) especially for him.

Lastly, what is the prize?

Well, it definitely seems like a FANTASTIC opportunity:

* 1st Prize: DM 15.000.-

In addition the ballet will be taken over into the repertory of THE HAMBURG BALLET

and be danced by members of THE HAMBURG BALLET. Their will be no additional fee for the setting of the piece for THE HAMBURG BALLET.

* Honorary "Encouragement Prize" as well as an unendowed "Public's Choice ".

* Live performance of those creations chosen by the pre-selecting Jury (max. eight) on July 12, 2001, at the Hamburg State Opera in connection with the 27th Hamburg Ballet Days.

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Thanks very much for posting this, Terry (and the info on the "Nijinsky Gala" too).

IMO, choreographers competitions are not as likely to cause problems as competitions for young dancers (the training-for-competitions rather than general schooling, emphasis on tricks over artistry, etc.) However, many choreography competitions are extremely expensive for the entrant. Some of the smaller ones seem to want to put together a program on the cheap. You enter, you come, with your dance and your dancers; we'd love to have you. That makes it much more expensive than someone who's not attached to a company can handle.

Leigh, and others, will know much more about this question.....

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Here are the winners:

The Winners

GRAND PRIX Dom Perignon 2001

Gustavo Ramirez Sansano - "Weight on my back"

Encouragement Prize

Yukichi Hattori - "Piece"

Public's Choice

Yaroslav Ivanenko - "Morning Prayers"

*Very glad to hear that Hattori won; he is only 21 and is a rising dancer/choreographer from Japan. Hope the American audience will get to see his works someday.

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