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Hello Artists!

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Hello Fellow Artists and Everyone Else!

We just joined the network and are excited to become an active part of it.

I am Chiara Ajkun, NYC based choreographer and co artistic director with my husband Leonard of the Ajkun Ballet Theatre company and we are very interested to exchange ideas with fellow artists living in the USA about performances, performers and anything else connected.

Please write on!!!



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Hi, AjkunBT! Happy to have you here at BalletAlert!

We are a discussion board -- perhaps not the kind of network you have in mind -- for the ballet audience. You'll see, as you browse the forums, the variety of topics that concern us. Among our members are some who bring their art to the stage, but mostly we just bring tickets to the theater.

If you see any topic that grabs your interest, please don't hesitate to post a reaction.

Perhaps you'd like to visit our companion board, BalletTalk for Dancers, and see if it interests you. You can think of the difference between the sites according to which side of the footlights its members can be found. We are for viewers, BT4D is for doers. It is dominated by topics related to training classical dancers, but you may find some more creative types to exchange ideas with.

Have fun in either or both places!

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