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Jack Reed

PBS version of Robbins's "NY Export: Opus Jazz"

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Here's a link to the main page on the PBS site, with a preview video and some links to other pages:


Watching the preview material, I personally fear this is another exercise in distracting the audience from getting absorbed into the world of these dances by constantly-shifting angles and distance, not to mention completely changing settings; but a strategy that helps me in these situations is to record the broadcast and watch it a few more times, when you can begin to sort out the dance from the presentation and packaging, sort out the wheat from the chaff. How puzzling and distancing it was at first to see the highly-stylized theatre-dance movement of the dancers in the super-reality of the settings, until I could tune the distractions out and get some of what Robbins had in his mind (from the dancers alone).

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Thank you, Jack.

Your reaction is consistent with those already expressed on this thread. You've provided a timely reminder, but I'll close this thread and direct discussion to the earlier thread.

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