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2009 Mariinsky Festival Early Discussion

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Greetings from snowy St Petersburg! I am in town & "reporting for duty." Nine MariinskyFestival nights + Corsaire at Mikhailovsky, SleepingB at Hermitage & Nutcracker at the Conservatory. Right now I can only think about a nice hot shower. More anon....

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Friday morn, 13 March - Snow has turned to slush on sidewalks but still an incredibly beautiful city! Already spotted elegant Terioshkina on her way to the dress rehearsal last night. All systems 'go' for the big premiere of Ratmansky's ballet tomorrow.

The posters in front of the theater show that another int'l guest will take part in the final gala - Isabel Ciaravola of POB.

Tonight: premiere of Farouk Ruzimatov's (yes, now it's his staging) of a new CORSAIRE at the theater that he directs, the Mikhailovsky. According to information in 'Chas-Pik' newspaper, the role of Ali will be danced by....Farouk himself! :)

EDITED to add:

Thank gooness, 'Chas Pik' was wrong about FR dancing Ali tonight. Instead, the Mikhailovsky web now lists:

Medora – Irina Perren

Gulnara – Sabina Yapparova

Conrad – Artyom Pykhachov

Ali – Aidos Zakan

Lankedem – Alexander Omar

Birbanto – Andrey Kasyanenko

Conductor: Anatoly Rybalko

The above also confirms that the Matvienkos are totally out of that theater...not even guest artists.

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Just back from a POOR, wattered-down (90 mins.) Le Corsaire at the Mikhailovsky, despite some great dancing from the Medora. Unexpectedly, the best male dancer, who brought the house down, was not the Conrad or the Ali or the Birbanto or the Lankedem.....how about the leader of the 'Dance of the Algerian Flagellants'? Yup, you read that correctly. I'll explain in a review in the 'Other St. Petersburg Companies' sub-forum.

The cast changed somewhat from the above-announced - different Ali.

I sure hope that the Mariinsky's Humpbacked Horse, tomorrow night, is better than this.

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