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Noisy pointe shoes

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It occurred to me to wonder whether the differences in stage flooring might also be a factor in how noisy the shoes are.

As a dancer in a company who recently moved to a new theatre, I can say that this CAN play a role. The stage at our new theatre is, naturally, a sprung floor. I don't know the details in the difference between this floor and our previous one, but they are different. Our new one is must softer to land on when jumping :) but from day one has been noisier, especially when it comes to the ladies pointe shoes.

The more noise sensitive floor coupled with the "perfect acoustics" of our new space, make it almost impossible for our shoes to be completely silent.

Production week is always filled with the sound of pointe shoes being "banged out" on a cement floor, concrete wall, or anything else to help soften the underside by the toe to help make it quieter.

It's a fine line and a tough balance to find. If the shoe gets too soft you find yourself putting things like Jet Glue on the inside to make them last just a little longer. But doing so, even on the inside of the shoe, will again make your shoes louder. :wallbash:

I think it is a combination of all these things though. Some stages are louder than others, some shoes are louder than others, and some dancers are louder that others.

But believe me, we hear it too! And none of us want to make a racket on stage! :yucky:

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