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I've been a (mostly reading) member of Ballet Talk for Dancers for a couple of years, and find myself here more and more frequently. After the recent membership drive, I decided to register. I feel I have more to learn than to add so I probably won't post frequently.

I attend the ballet when I can, I'm an adult student, and my children are also ballet students.

The last time we went to the Kennedy Center, for their "Etoiles" program, we were in nearly the last row of the top tier. Back in the old days I had season tickets to the ballet there. I didn't realize how good I had it, and am now kicking myself for giving up pretty good Orchestra seats.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk, pss; glad to have you on both boards. Oh, the miseries of season tickets ... forever a choice of keeping, upgrading, or abandoning. Maybe you can start your subscription all over again and slowly improve your seating. In the meantime enjoy ballet and enjoy the board.


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