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Hello there everyone! :D

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Hi! I'm Tani! :beg:

I'm 16 years old, I'm currently situated in Honolulu, Hawaii. I took ballet along with modeling and hula from age 3 to age 11 and sadly quit out of stress. 5 years later, my dance inspiration is back and more fiery than ever and I wish I can take dance classes again. I'm moving to some small down near Knoxville, Tennessee in June. I'm just here to talk about ballet and other stuff. xD Maybe to get some inspiration and support. I really wanna dance again and..yeah.

HI. :D

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Welcome to BalletTalk, Jezabelle!

It's great that you're returning to ballet. I hope you find a good studio in Knoxville.

BalletTalk is a site for the audience, as you can see if you browse through our topics. We have a fine counterpart for dancers, BalletTalk for Dancers. You'll find a direct link at the top of the page, on the far right lower edge of the banner. You'll love it there -- dancers of all ages (above 13) and levels comparing notes. Help finding the right pointe shoe. Pesky classmates. All the issues that dancers confront in their quest to improve.

If you decide to join, you'll have to register separately. We encourage members of both boards to keep the same screen name, if possible, so readers of both boards will know who you are.

I hope you'll keep us posted on anything you see. If you have a question -- not about technique, but about the history or context -- about a ballet, this is the place. There is some overlap in our areas of interest, but I think of the Dancers' board about what goes on behind the curtain and we're for what goes on out front.

Glad you're here -- and glad you're getting back to ballet!

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