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My name is Angela

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Hey just letting people know tha I am here. I am Angela, I am 16 and I dance and Choreagraph. I may be popping in to ask some questions because I am new to Choreagraphy, but I have been dancing my entire life!! so hit me up if you would like!

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Hi, angielamb, and welcome to BalletTalk!

We are actually a site for the audience, for the viewers. Our sister site, BalletTalk for Dancers (see link on the right side of the banner atop the page) is for the doers -- dancers, teachers, students of all levels, choreographers, costumers, etc. That's where they discuss the studio side of things. You'll probably want to register there, too, if you haven't already. Please use the same screen name, so readers of both boards will recognize you.

Meanwhile, I'm sure there are topics on this board which will interest you. We've had some good reports on Colorado Ballet. If you've seen them in performance, maybe you'd like to add your reactions.

You may notice that many of our members are eager to find good, new ballet choreographers. Best wishes for your success!

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