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Seh-Yun Kim

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Seh-Yun Kim danced Gamzatti in the Universal Ballet's "La Bayadere" here the other night. She must be quite young -- I'd estimate between 21 and 23, as she graduated from the Kirov Academy (also in D.C., and a feeder school to the Universal Ballet) a few years ago. I saw that performance (as "Giselle") and while I thought she was very nice, I was in no way prepared for the performance she gave as Gamzatti.

Quite simply, I have never seen a dancer so young perform at that level. Unfortunately, that was the only role she was listed to do here, or I'd be down there now, watching her. I can't describe her adequately after seeing her in one role -- tall, slender, very measured technique: that could describe a dozen dancers. The dancer she reminded me the most of was the POB etoile Elisabeth Platel -- she has not only a similar body, but the same calm and gracious persona.

The Gamzatti was not only beautifully danced -- she outshown Nikya and was the performance's ballerina -- but beautifully acted. She was, throughout, a wronged Princess, not a woman scorned in a love affair that went sour (closer to the original intention, I think).

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I saw Seh-Yun Kim as both Aurora and Shim Chung last year when Univeral Ballet visited The Chicago Lyric Opera House.

Amazed by her beauty, poise and smooth technique, I had the feeling she would become a world class Ballerina.

From your report Alexandra, it seems to be coming true.

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