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POB in London

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I saw Le Parc for the first time yesterday - and indeed, this was my first live viewing of POB as well! Happy times as they made their way back to London for the first time in 22 years.

My own personal jury is still out on Le Parc - there were times when I thought 'this is some of the most insipid choreography...', and other times that it was oustandingly beautiful. What did strike me as insipid was the consistent use, in each section, of repeated movement phrases which were then interpolated and performed in canon, with the individual dancers meeting and diverging at calculated points. While this worked, there was one extremely long repition in which I felt like yes, yes, now person 1 is going to the floor while person 2 is moving left... I probably need to see this again (or several times) to really determine what I thought of the choreography.

That said, I don't think there are any doubts that it was exquisitely danced. Dupont and Hilaire as the lead couple, with beatiful tenderness in the pdd. Moreover, however, the four gardeners were amazing, regardless of what one may think of the choreography.

I daren't say any more I think - I simply don't know enough about the company or about the piece to feel like I can add much besides those initial impressions.

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