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Ballet DVD wish list

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Hmmm.... I think I have access to a master recording of this. Let me see what I can do as far as making it available via some sort of mechanism that isn't low grade youtube.

An incomplete list:


Hollywood's The Gay Parisian (Gaîté Parisienne)


While rummaging around on YouTube for something completely unrelated, I ran across this. Since this thread seems to be the most recent to mention 'The Gay Parisian', I'll post these two clips here. Apparently, this is the complete version referred to elsewhere as being issued on DVD in the last few years. Film quality isn't very good, but the Technicolor is pretty, and Massine, Franklin, Krassovska and Mladova are terrific, although the latter isn't really a substitute for Danilova; but then, who would be?

The Gay Parisian

Part 1

Part 2

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Perhaps "distribute on demand" via iTunes (for a fair price, of course) is an analogous solution for films and videos. At least, I hope so!

We're going to be bringing a handful of more recent titles to iTunes before the end of the year. Older works are going to be tricky, however, as both the back clearances require too much heavy lifting to make it worthwhile. Also, master recordings may have decayed as well.

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