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any number of balletalert readers versed in russian/bolshoi ballet information should be able to speak w/ authority on this topic, starting with marc.

i know a number of telecasts out of the bolshoi featured n.t. and if these were released in russia, they would be in PAL.

as for NTSC i can't think of anything, but i could be forgetting something.

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There isn't anything commercially available featuring Tsiskaridze, but as Robert mentioned over the years there were some Russian broadcasts (mainly from the Kultura channel) - "Notre-Dame de Paris" and "Queen of Spades", both by Roland Petit, come to mind. These programs are in the Russian ME-SECAM or European PAL standard.

Also in 1997, the Vasiliev "Giselle" was filmed with Lunkina/Tsiskaridze/Alexandrova in the main roles, but you need to go to the Bolshoi Theatre to purchase the cassette.

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