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The Parking Attendant Always Rings Twice

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In today's NY Times Jack Anderson wrote this article: http://www.nytimes.com/2004/05/02/arts/dance/02ANDE.html

A dance in a real space can be a real adventure," Noémie Lafrance said before a recent rehearsal of her new work, "Noir." She made that remark while sitting in the front seat of an automobile parked in the Delancey and Essex Municipal Parking Garage on the Lower East Side. That's where her work will be danced during its three-week run, which opens Wednesday night.

The audience will watch the show from the same vantage point: seated in parked cars — 25 of them specifically positioned for the production. Six empty spaces have also been reserved for spectators who wish to bring their own cars to the show (but at a higher ticket price)...

Seeing "Noir" through car windows will be like watching a drive-in movie, but with live action. And Brooks Williams's taped score will be heard only through the radios in the cars... She persuaded city authorities to let her use the cavernous garage at Delancey and Essex Streets. A roughly 10,000-square-foot space on Level 5 has been set aside for her audience, cars and cast of 10. The rest of the garage will be open as usual throughout the run of "Noir," which is an attraction of the 2004 Whitney Biennial and a co-production of Ms. Lafrance's own Sens Production organization and the St. Mark's Danspace Project.

Sounds as though it just might be interesting.

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