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Master Class with Thomas Lund

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I thought it a pleasure just to watch Lund demonstrate the steps: the open chest and arms, and the clean way he delivers steps are so rare.

He kept telling the students "Don't die on the top" -- something any dancer can use.

Did anyone else see this? Anyone here take it?

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I saw it, Alexandra. His information about the arms was fresh in my mind as I watched the performance on Wed. (see my take on this, elsewhere).

I also liked his advise regarding the importance of gazing in certain directions during certain movements. The use of the face & angle of the head seems to be as important in B'ville technique as it is in Vaganova, it appears....one of the few stylistic similarities. I also LOVED his comment about the gentle manner in which hands are held, particularly for women. When the RDB corps lady in the group (Elizabeth ??) demonstrated it, I immediately thought of Romantic Era lithographs. Ditto the explanation of women balancing as if atop a rose. Absolutely lovely.

I, too, am curious if any of our readers were on that stage. The enchainements seemed quite difficult but the group acquitted itself well, considering that this was probably most participants' first experience with the style.

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