Ratmansky's Namouna: background?

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It seems that the original Namouna, as choreographed by Lucien Petipa in Paris in the 1880s, was a story ballet. Does anyone know what the story was, and whether Ratmansky used the same story? I was able to find very little information on this ballet (, Anything more in-depth would be highly appreciated. I am going to watch it for the first time on Saturday, and would like to be as prepared as possible.

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Beaumont's COMPLETE BOOK OF BALLETS includes a synopsis.

some of the CD recordings of the suites include mention of the original narrative.

Spire Pitou's multi-vol. encyclopedia of Paris Opera works also includes a synopsis: the "action" is set in 17th c. Greece and opens in a casino in Corfu/

Ratmansky did not use the scenario, but rather addressed some of the original scenario's atmopshere and some of the music's specific titles, such as "La Cigarette" for a waltz.

Lifar's SUITE ON BLANC kept the music numbers' titles but made no particular reference to them in his choreography.

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