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Class 7/26/06



Class on Wednesday was a little less successful as far as applying corrections went--the students were in a giggly mood. I can't blame them, as they've been dancing quite a bit for the past few weeks, so I didn't make things too difficult and just let them dance. Not sure when I'll be teaching them again (hopefully soon).

I gave the following pirouette and grand allegro combinations:

Pirouettes. 16 measures 3/4 time. Begin at pt. 6, R leg pointe tendue devant croisé.

Measure 1: Piqué soutenu (turning to the right) finishing with a demi-plié in 5th position effacé with the R leg front.

Measure 2: Relevé, developpé the R leg to effacé devant.

Measures 3-4: Tombé, pas de bourrée dessous finishing with a demi-plié in 5th position croisé, L leg front.

Measure 5: Chassé forward through 4th position and relevé on the L leg in 4th arabesque.

Measures 6-8: From 4th arabesque, temps lié en arrière so the L leg is pointe tendue devant croisé, circular port de bras (bend right, back, left, recover) and plié in 4th position in preparation for a pirouette en dehors.

Measures 9-10: Double pirouette en dehors to the right terminé sur le cou de pied derrière, pas de bourrée dessous en tournant.

Measures 10-11: Piqué en avant onto the R leg croisé with the L leg retiré derrière, plié 5th position, sous-su.

Measures 12-16: Tour degagé en dehors (piqué turn en dehors) to the right twice. Finish with a double tour degagé or chainés.

Grand Allegro. 16 measures 3/4 time. Begin at pt. 6, L leg pointe tendue devant croisé.

Introduction, 2 measures: On the last two beats of the introduction, glissade through 4th.

Measures 1-3: 3 grands jetés en avant (effacé) toward pt. 2.

Measure 4: Finish the last grand jeté in arabesque, temps levé in arabesque, chassé backward.

Measures 5-8: Pas jeté entrelacé, chassé, and entrelacé again, finishing in arabesque, traveling toward pt. 8.

Measures 9-10: Coupé, tombé, pas de bourrée dessous to 4th position en face.

Measures 11-16: Double pirouette en dehors and rond de jambe fouetté en tournant four times, finishing with the working leg effacé devant, the supporting leg in plié, and immediately run to pt. 2. (Alternate version: Grand fouetté twice, after the second grand fouetté, relevé on the supporting leg and bring the working leg from attitude derrière croisé through retiré to effacé devant and run to pt. 2.) The next group starts on the left from pt. 4. Continue until all groups have done both sides.


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