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Summer 2002 Dance Now is out

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The new issue of David Leonard's Dance Now, a quarterly from London is out. It includes:

"Afternoon of a Legend" (Marcia B. Siegel on Nijinsky, the choreographer)

"Chosen" (Dancing Nijinsky, by Deborah Bull)

"Wild at Heart" (Sarah Wildor talks with Allen Robinson)

Vision Scenes (Dance on British television screens by Brendan McCarthy)

Lessons in America (Stepping off the stage with Bruce Sansom)

Universe of Joy (Ashton at the Bolshoi, by David Vaughan)

Flag-Waving (Excelsior in Paris and Raymonda in Munich, reviewed by John Percival)

Facades (William Walton at the ballet by Allen Robertson)

Westward, Ho (another of Kathrine Sorley Walker's wonderful long pieces on the history of smaller British companies, this one of Western Theatre Ballet)

Street Gang (Hubbard Street Dance Chicago (by Donald Hutera)

A wrap up of dance at The Place, by a variety of writers, including Judith Mackrell, Jane Sipson, Jenny Gilbert and Debra Craine

And book reviews of Isadora and Mime Matters (a video)

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