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Paul Parish

Isadora Duncan Dance Awards: winners announced in San Francisco

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The 16th Annual Isadora Duncan Dance Awards were presented Tuesday, April 30, 2002, in San Francisco. THe awards are part of the legacy of Richard Le Blond, who came to San Francisco to save the then-foundering SanFrancisco Ballet, which he did by not only putting the ballet on a sound financial footing but also by making common cause with all the dance cultures thriving in the Bay Area. The Izzies were instituted to acknowledge excellence in ANY form of dance originating in the Bay Area, and all performances are judged on that basis.

The winners are starred; all finalists are listed.

THe jurors will be listed at the end of this article.

Visit the web-site at http://www.izzies-sf.org/


* VAL CANIPAROLI, Death of a Moth, for San Francisco Ballet

. Sonya Delwaide, Suite Sans Suite (Part 2), for Axis Dance Company

. Kim Epifano, Deseos Desnudos

. Alonzo King, Following the Subtle Current Upstream, for Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre

. Mark Morris, A Garden, for San Francisco Ballet


* JOANNA BERMAN in The Sleeping Beauty (Marius Petipa/Helgi Tomasson), with San Francisco Ballet

* CHARYA BURT in Reamker (traditional) with the Charya Burt Classical Cambodian Dance Group in the San Francisco Ethnic Dance FestivaL

* LA TANIA in Tientos and Martinete at the Cowell Theater

. Joan Boada in The Prodigal Son (George Balanchine), with San Francisco Ballet

. Laura Elaine Ellis in When Strength is My Weakness (Laura Elaine Ellis), during Summerfest

. Yukie Fujimoto in Apéro (Sonya Delwaide), in “Les Invités” at ODC Theater



Through Her Tears Crossed the Sticks” from Rice Women (Sue Li Jue), with Facing East Dance and Music

* BRIAN FISHER and BRANDON FREEMAN in Trä (Sonya Delwaide), in “Les Invités”


BLANC, and KATITA WALDO in The Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude

(William Forsythe), with San Francisco Ballet

. Tina Kay Bohnstedt, Karyn Lee Connell, Erika Johnson and Corinne Jonas in Women’s Stories (Kelly Teo), with Diablo Ballet

. Kara Davis and Leanne Ringelstein in Otherwise (Janice Garrett), with Janice Garrett and Dancers

. Austin Forbord and Shelley Trott in The Real Thing (RAPT Performance Group), at the BAP Arts Spring Gala

. Maggie Moon and Kevin St. Laurent in Lindy Hop (Maggie Moon and Kevin St. Laurent), guest artists with Dance Through Time


* BARBARY COAST CLOGGERS in Appalachian Overdrive at the Palace of Fine Arts Theater

* ROBERT MOSES’ KIN for their entire season at the Gershwin and Cowell Theaters

. Diamano Coura in Kasonde (Zakarya and Naomi Diouf), at the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival

. Joe Goode Performance Group in an outdoor installation preceding What the Body Knows (Joe Goode), at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

. Colhida & Temur Koridze's Children's Dance Company, at the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival


* BALLET SAN JOSE SILICON VALLEY, for restagings of Rainbow ‘Round My Shoulder (Donald McKayle) and Gaité Parisienne (Leonide Massine)

. Sonya Delwaide for the revival of her work Apéro during “Les Invités”

. San Francisco Ballet for the revival of Pacific (Mark Morris)

SOUND (Music or Text)

* JOHN SANTOS for music, Union Fraternal (Robert Moses), for Oakland Ballet

. Elaine Buckholtz and Kim Epifano for music composition and vocal sound score, Below Zero (Kim Epifano)

. Bruce Ghent for music, Garden of Non-Duality (Krissy Keefer)

. Krissy Keefer for text, Cave Women (Krissy Keefer)

. David Worm and SoVoSo for music, Resonate! (Amelia Rudolph) for Project Bandaloop


* MARIO ALONZO for Axis Dance Company’s entire program at the Cowell Theater

. Zak Diouf and Naomi Diouf for Jussat , Diamano Coura

. Michael Kruzich for Otherwise (Janice Garrett), Janice Garret and Dancers


* ALEXANDER V. NICHOLS for the entire “Les Invités” program (Sonya Delwaide)

. Matthew Antaky for Otherwise (Janice Garrett), Janice Garrett and Dancers

. Matthew DeGumbia for Monk at the Met/Feast of Souls (Sara Shelton Mann/Contraband), Contraband

. Alexander Nichols for Axis Dance Company’s entire program at the Cowell Theater


* LAUREN ELDER for set design, Below Zero (Kim Epifano)

. Richard Jue for set and video design, Rice Women (Sue Li Jue), for Facing East Dance and Music

. Doug Rosenberg for video design, What the Body Knows (Joe Goode), for Joe Goode Performance Group

. Jim Campbell for video design, Spectral Evidence (Brenda Way), for ODC/San Francisco

. Joe Williams and Krissy Keefer for visual design, Garden of Non-Duality (Krissy Keefer), for Dance Brigade at the San Francisco Lesbian and Gay Dance Festival


* ANGENE FEVES has been a leading specialist and advocate for the preservation and appreciation of baroque dances for more than three decades. A charter member of the Oakland Ballet in the 1960s, Feves studied early Renaissance dance manuals and early music at San Francisco State University, and has since taught the history and technique of early classical dance at the

University of Nevada, the San Francisco Early Music Society, San Rafael’s Dominican College, and the Civic Arts of Walnut Creek (a city-sponsored arts program she founded), as well as at innumerable other institutions and international conferences. She contributed entries on historic dance reconstruction to the International Dance Encyclopedia, and her presentations of reconstructed dances with the Consortium Antiquum’s Court Revels, where she has served as artistic director since 1970, enhance the understanding of dance and its evolution for today’s Bay Area dancers of all forms and styles.

* ELVIA MARTA just marked her 20th year teaching dance at the San Francisco School of the Arts, where she is now director of the dance department. Her inspiring modern/jazz/blues classes at the School, and at Rhythm and Motion where she has taught for nearly two decades, have spurred many of her students to become award-winning choreographers and members of such companies as ODC/San Francisco and Alvin Ailey American

Dance Theater. Marta is a native of Panama who moved to the Bay Area 30 years ago and received her B.A. in dance from San Francisco State University. She was a member of the San Francisco Opera Ballet for two seasons in 1979-80 and has danced for such companies and choreographers as Roberta Flack

Live, Dance Company Impulse, and Enrico Labayen.


* CITICENTRE has provided a treasury of dance classes, particularly in African Diaspora dance forms, to the Bay Area dance community for 25 years. Located in and sponsored by Oakland’s Alice Arts Center since 1993, CitiCentre offers 57 free and low-cost classes in Congolese, Zimbabwean, Nigerian, Afro-Brazilian, Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Ancient Hula styles of dance, as

well as many others. More than 1,000 dancers take class at CitiCentre each week, and the organization is home to 13 resident dance companies, including Savage Jazz Dance, Fua Dia Conga, Diamano Coura, and African Queens, and provides a home for many individual choreographers.

* ODC/SAN FRANCISCO, for the DANCE JAM children’s company, and their annual productions of THE VELVETEEN RABBIT, which have paved new inroads for young audiences to learn about and develop an appreciation for modern dance. The Velveteen Rabbit, conceived by choreographer KT Nelson in 1985 and presented in full every holiday season since 1989, has provided an important family-entertainment complement to the annual spate of Nutcracker ballet productions, giving children an entrancing, accessible first brush with modern dance. ODC Dance Jam, which performs alongside the professional company in The Velveteen Rabbit, began in 1995 as a children’s company with 10 original members. The ODC School launched its kids program in 1997 and

has since taught modern dance to nearly 600 Bay Area children.

The Isadora Duncan Dance Awards Committee is composed of

Cal Anderson Sheila Baumgarten Mary Cochran Rachel Howard Angela Johnson Jared Kaplan Crystal Mann Virginia Matthews Nemesio Paredes Paul Parish Anandha Ray Renee Renouf Kathryn Roszak Aimee Ts’ao

The Isadora Duncan Dance Awards Committee


or c/o San Francisco Performing Arts Library and Museum

401 Van Ness Avenue, Fourth Floor

San Francisco, CA 94102

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Thanks for posting that, Paul. I really like the categories -- both that there are so many (costumes and lighting almost never get the attention they deserve) and for what they are -- I really love the "ensemble" award! (And, for these purposes, I like that all kinds of dance are mixed together.)

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