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Bolshoi "Trilogy of Ballet"

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I'm interested in this box set of DVDs, because in addition to the "Giselle" and "Nutcracker" (which are both available separately) it has the L. Lavrovsky version of "Romeo and Juliet" with Bessmertnova and M. Lavrovsky, which appears to be unavailable in any other way. However, I have seen a number of reviews around the internet saying that these DVDs have horrible sound/video quality and are even "unwatchable." My problem is I don't know whether "unwatchable" means "slightly fuzzy, with tinny sound" or "so bad I can't tell the difference between an arabesque and an attitude, and the music sounds like children screaming." Does anyone have this set? Exactly how bad is it? Are the dancers so blurry you can't make them out, or what?

Also, if you have or have seen the "Giselle" in the set (which was released in 2004) and the same production that was released again on DVD in 2008, is there a significant different in the picture and/or sound quality in the two DVDs? Is it much better in the 2008 release? Is it worse, or comparable to the quality in these clips:

Giselle 2

I would really appreciate any help, advice, information. I'm a college student with very limited spending money and I don't want to make a mistake on buying something I will truly be unable to watch.

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