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Ballet, Accessibility and Mass Culture

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I'm copying over a quote from Leigh on another thread that I think warrants discussion. He wrote:

"Maybe it's just me, but isn't culture for anyone (even if it's not for everyone)? Why should we make ballet for the uncultured? I'm all for making ballet available to everyone. I don't think it should or needs to become mass media. If it needs to do this to survive. . .maybe it shouldn't survive."

There is a push to make ballet more popular in the sense of selling more tickets -- we've discussed this often, in various ways -- but is the only way to do it making it mass media? (I'd agree with Leigih -- if it needs to do this to survive, maybe it shouldn't survive.)

How do we solve the popularity problem? How can ballet be made more accessible without compromising its very nature? (Or, if you think it shouldn't be made accessible, chime in. Or if you think it has no right to exist unless it is accessible, let's hear that too.)

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