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www.balletalert.com problem

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Many people have told us that when they try to access www.balletalert.com (which some people use as the gateway to this forum) they are getting a page telling them that their Apache server has been installed. Some of you will not get this page, but the actual site.

What we think happened is that the site was moved by our web hosts (for a good reason; they're a good host) and the new address has to be picked up by all of our individual internet service providers. This may take a day, it may take a week. I remember this happened a few years ago, and after three days I wrote to my ISP and asked them to update the DNS information, they did, and the site was immediately accessible.

If anyone contacts you and says they can't find the forum, instead of giving them the url of this forum (which is long), tell them to go to another sister site, www.ballettalk.com There's a link to both this site and the BT4Dancers board, as well as a direct link to the Links forum.

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