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Michalek's "Slow Dancing"

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Allegra Kent, Janie Taylor (yes, her hair dancing), Wendy Whelan, Isabelle Guerin, Herman Cornejo, William Forsythe, and Alexei Ratmansky are among the ballet dancers to be featured in David Michalek's Slow Dancing at, well on, the New York State Theater from July 12 - 29, 2007. Michalek, husband of NYCB ballerina Wendy Whelan, will show three dancers at a time, each performing a five-second dance expanded to ten minutes, each on a 40+ feet high screen on the facade of Lincoln Center's New York State Theater.

Details about the exhibition:


Preview still photos of all the performers, including dancers from around the world, as well such modern dance icons as Koma, Eiko, Judith Jamison, Karole Armitage and Trisha Brown may be seen here:


Ms. Whelan had this to say about her experience:

What I did for the camera was a simple class combination. I found that the less I did the better for me. It was sissons [a type of jump] mostly. I felt, when I looked at myself, youthful and hopeful and reaching for higher, but definitely imperfect—which I didn’t mind. I knew I had to let that go. I felt like each person gave a little poem in their film. Everyone had a story and a mood. They were all so different and I fell in love with each of them so differently. Falling in love with somebody’s essence.

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