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Ballet Gamonet Maximum Dance Program II

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Program II of the season opened at Bailey Concert Hall in Davie Saturday night. It is not appearing in Miami's Gusman Center for the Performing Arts until January.

I started attending performances of this company as someone I have taken classes with for a few years joined for this season, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of dancing and content of the programs.

I am continually amazed by Hiroko Sakakibara, she has lovely arms and articulation of her head. She sparkles in Miniatures, fitting the small doll figure perfectly. She transitioned between wind-up doll and flowing port de bras seamlessly. In Partita, she demonstrated her smooth ballon, grand jetes sailed through the air without any hint of a jerk.

Isanusi Garcia had smaller roles this time, he shone in the first program. An extremely strong, expressive dancer. He always seemes to float just a moment longer than anyone else.

Paul Thrussell appeared with Britt Juleen in Tango Tonto, with a clean technique and parterned the quite tall Ms. Juleen impressively.

I have enjoyed the choreography and very importantly the selection of music. The use of Vivaldi and Handel in Partita was a welcome surprise, it worked very well with movement. Many performances I've seen, I feel disconnected when the music is off. I've found Miami City's music to often be too loud and or not something I enjoy content-wise. I have found all of the pieces extremely accessible and a pleasure to listen to with the dance. All three pieces of this program were Jimmy Gamonet De Los Heros' choreography.

A large portion of the quantity of the company seems to rotate in principal/soloist roles and I am amazed at the high quality of technique and expression that runs across the board with these dancers. I would love to hear what others thought of the performance, I am terrible at remembering names/faces, many stood out though.

I look forward to getting to know the rest of the dancers in this season.

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