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Radetsky - promoted yet?

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I was noticing on ABT's site that Sascha Radetsky is dancing many soloist roles and was wondering if he has been officially promoted yet. He is still listed in the corps. He is featured at least seven times during the City Center Season and is performing during the opening gala in Symphony in C.

Is it is the usual thing to give so many soloist parts to a corps member?

Personally I think it is neat that he is dancing so much!

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As far as I know Sascha Radetsky is still in the corps. However, I strongly suspect that he will promoted in the year or two.

I too noticed how much he is dancing during the City Center season. That he was chosed to be in the 1st cast of Symphony in C also speaks highly for how he viewed by "those who have power in the company". He's also gotten good time/reviews in "Gong" and "Jabula".

However, I have also noticed that Sascha does not get many good soloist/principal roles during the MET season, the season that really is the highlight of the ABT year. He's scheduled to dance Symphony in C, one or two Le Corsaires and I think a Swan Lake (if that's being done). The Swan Lake and Le Corsaire roles are more mime/acting/character dance than classical ballet. It would seem to me that this "limitation" may be what has prevented him from being promoted, though with all the internal politics who knows what really has been going on at ABT.

I would wonder if might do better with a company like NYCB or Joffrey or SFB etc. that focuses less on full length ballets and more shorter one act ballets. Sascha seems to be cast in the neoclassical/Balanchine/modern ballets, but I get the feeling he will always get stuck behind dancers like Stiefel, Belotserkovsky, Molina, Corella, de Luz etc when it comes to casting the big classical story ballets which are the "meat" of the ABT rep. And it appears that those who get promoted at ABT have been those who have gotten well cast in the story ballets.

I think Sean Stewart has also fallen into this "trap" of getting good roles during the City Center/touring season, but not during the all-important MET season.

Any comments?


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