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Mary Lynn Slayden

Jack Anderson

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According to Horst Koegler's Oxford Dictionary of Ballet Anderson was born in Milwaukee in 1935 (Koegler is sometimes a bit off on dates; I don't know if this is accurate). He did his undergraduate work at Northwestern and has a master's from Indiana Univeristy. I don't know what field, but I'd guess literature, as he also writes poetry and has wriwtten on dance and poetry.. He's been writing about dance for a very long time, but I don't know how he got his first job. He's been a Times critic since 1978 and also co-edits Dance Chronicle (a scholarly, historical publication) with George Dorris. His most well-known book is probably "The One and Only," about the American Ballet Russe company, and I would suspect that that was his door to dance. (The company, not the book :) )

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