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Deleting one's own posts

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I've made another change, at least on a trial basis. Everyone will now be able to delete his or her own posts.

I'd disabled this feature because, many months ago, we had someone who would make contentious posts, then go back and delete them when they caused comment, leaving a thread that didn't make any sense. I don't think we have anyone here now who would do that, and I know it's an inconvenience -- sometimes people do put up something that they realize would better be left unsaid, or that someone else has said on another forum, etc.

If problems develop, we can always shut off the feature again, but for now, if you need to delete one of your own posts, you can. (Use the edit function, and click the box that says Delete post at the top of the message box.)

Also, a reminder, if you need to edit a post more than once, you can avoid having the string of "edited bys" by simply deleting that line every time you go in to edit. :)

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