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casting for NY Met summer season

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Frederick Ashton described Scènes de ballet as ‘just an exercise in pure dancing’. This one-act ballet, choreographed to Stravinsky’s score of the same title, is a complex and lively piece. Choreographed with Euclidian geometry in mind, Ashton intended that this ballet could be viewed from any angle and still ‘work’. Scènes de ballet is a homage to 19thcentury classicism with designs by André Beaurepaire.

The Divertissements consists of five pas de deux from Ashton at his most

virtuosic; The Awakening (The Sleeping Beauty), Voices of Spring, Thaïs, Ondine Act III and Birthday Offering.

Completing the programme is Frederick Ashton’s Marguerite and Armand, an

adaptation of Dumas’ La Dame aux camélias, the story of the doomed, turbulent passion between a courtesan and her young, idealistic lover. Ashton created this ballet for Fonteyn and Nureyev, but for today’s audience it has become one of Sylvie Guillem’s signature roles with The Royal Ballet.



Yoshida, Putrov 13, 15 July

Cojocaru, Kobborg 14 July


Awakening pas de deux

Bussell, Urlezaga 13, 15 July

Tapper, Bonelli 14 July

Voices of Spring pas de deux

Cojocaru, Kobborg 13 July

Benjamin, Urlezaga 14 July

Galeazzi, Samodurov 15 July

Thaïs pas de deux

Benjamin, Soares 13 July

Galeazzi, Makhateli 14 July

Ondine pas de deux

Rojo, Cope 13, 15 July

Birthday Offering pas de deux

Bussell, Cope 14 July

Nuñez, Soares 15 July


Guillem, Le Riche 13, 14, 15 July


Cojocaru, Kobborg, Dowell, Sleep 16 July

Benjamin, Samodurov, Marriot, Howells 17 (MAT) July

Rojo, Cope, Dowell, Sleep 17 July

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Marriott and Howells are excellent as the ugly sisters in Cinderella - far more touching than Dowell and Sleep, in my experience. You even get to see real steps.

Benjamin is very good in Thais - can be a tricky piece to pull off, very atmospheric. All the divertissements look very tempting to me....pity they aren't doing this in the UK.

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