George Balanchine's "Quote of the Week" on Facebook

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If you are on Facebook, and if you select the George Balanchine Foundation as one of your Likes, you will receive (among other postings) a "Quote of the Week" from George Balanchine (and occasionally someone else).

For example:

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "People say that I am mechanical, that I have no soul, that I kill personality. I would say the reverse. I encourage personality. I give the dancers what they can do best." George Balanchine


QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "The music is always first. I cannot move, I cannot even want to move, unless I hear the music first. I couldn't move without a reason, and the reason is music." George Balanchine

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Another reason to be grateful for Nancy Reynolds.

Who already has a diadem full of stars for Repertory in Review alone...

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