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  1. Does anyone have any information concerning the ballet - THE GOLDEN HORDE? I came across it on YouTube but with no details given over to the piece. I have done a little bit of trawling but have only found a few facts: Music by Rezeda Akhiyarova Libretto by Renat Kharis Premiered by the Tatar Opera & Ballet Theatre in September 2013 directed by Georgy Kovtun For anyone not familiar it is a visual treat - full of fabulous stagecraft & effects, gorgeous decor and excellent dancing (it is said to feature fewer battle scenes but more weaponry than SPARTACUS!). The cast is enormous with each scene giving opportunities for more stunning costumes in a throw back to the glories of Leon Bakst for Diaghilev. I am really keen to know the storyline - it is easy to gain a general feeling for the piece - but difficult to identify characters within the plot to know what they are really doing, etc.