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Final days of exhibit on the NBoC in Toronto

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There's an exhibit at the CBC Museum on Front and John Street in Toronto about the partnership between CBC and the National Ballet of Canada to broadcast ballet. It's not that large but of interest - there's a rotating series of clips from 1954 through 2001, all brief but even so there's stuff that I wanted to see - a few moments of Erik Bruhn's Siegfried and Nureyev's Desire (it's from 1971, he's magnetic) Karen Kain's Giselle (the mad scene, she's a "stabber" - it's always interesting to see how each Giselle deals with the sword.) There's a projection room next door where they are showing the full Bruhn Swan Lake and the Kain Giselle, along with one or two other films.

It's free, but over at the end of February. I think it's worth a visit if you're in the neighborhood.

For more information: http://cbc.ca/museum/exhibit.html

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