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Updated Kirov Dancers Roster....Assylmuratova Gone! (Yikes! Did we mis

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While perusing the just-published 2003 Mariinsky Ballet Festival souvenir programme, I compared the latest Kirov Dancers Roster with that of the 2002 Festival (which mirrors that found on the Mariinsky internet site). Wow - lots of recent changes, such as:

Principals - Altynai Assylmuratova is gone among women, as is Sergei Vikharev (the Petipa-reconstructions stager) among the men. No promotions of female soloists to principal level; however, both Igor Kolb and Andrian Fadeyev have been made Principals. Congratulations to both!!

First Soloists - Veronika Part is back as a First Soloist!! Promoted to First Soloist, from Second Soloist, are Daria Pavlenko and Natalia Sologub. Andrei Batalov is still on the roster. Leonid Sarafanov, hired as 2nd Soloist one-half year ago, is now listed as First Soloist.

Second Soloists - Promoted to 2nd soloist, from Coryphee level, are Ekaterina Osmolkina and Xenia Ostreikovskaya among women, and Vasily Scherbakov among men.

Coryphee - promoted from Corps de Ballet are a number of dancers, including Viktoria Teryoshkina and Tatyana Tkachenko among the women, Igor Popov among men...there are others

Principal Character Dancers - I notice that Yelena Sherstnyova is gone, after many, many years are THE grand-dame of character/national dances. I wonder if either she or Assylmuratova received farewell evenings to honor the many years of distinguished service to the theater? I will surely miss both of them. :)

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Did not Miss Assylmuratova say that as head of the Vaganova School, she did not feel the need for a big "send-off" ? The real "send off", will, one hopes, be the reforms she is introducing to the School.

Here at Paris, Mr. Kolb has danced this past December, in La Bayadère. Interesting dancer - good mime, very clean floor patterns compared to most of his colleagues, reserved but very intense acting. Mr. Kolb, one request however: now that you are Principal, might we ask you to refrain from all further Ruzimatovisms, and to decline, in future, to pick up the leg ? It does not fit at all to the otherwise dignified elegance of your work.

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Perhaps by any standard but Russian or Manhatten, the Vaganova School and Mariinsky Theatre could be considered quite a distance, but not if you are Russian or a New Yorker! It is not around the corner, but it is a fifteen minute trolley ride, if you are lucky to get on or maybe a 40 minute pleasant walk , which is what is most common. Teachers/students are constantly doing the walk. There used to be quite a few stores and kiosks to get some shopping done on the way to or fro. Maybe not anymore though!:)

Thanks Jeannie for the update! Is I. Kuznetsov listed anywhere anymore?

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vrsfanatic - You are right about that 15-minute trolley ride. Alas, the erotic nightclub, Rossi's Place, is still across the street from the entrance to the academy.

Ilya Kuznetsov is definitely on the roster, as (I believe) First Soloist. He was scheduled to dance Hans in GISELLE last night but, instead, was allowed to be a guest at a festival in Yugoslavia, instead. He will be back for one of the mixed-bill galas here, later this week.

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Dear Katharine,

I really like what you called "Ruzimatovisms"!:mad:

Looking at Kolb's repertoires in the past two years, I guess Kirov may want him to be Ruzimatov's successor! And perhaps Fadeyev will be Zelensky's!?!

(Actually, Kolb has danced Bayadere in October not December in Paris.)

And yes, Jeannie and vrsfanatic, Kuznetsov is still a first soloist. No promotion, unfortunately:(

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Just being curious here..perhaps one of the regular posters about the Mariinsky can reply to this. Who exactly are the 'principals', 'first soloists' and 'second soloists' in the company? The English version of the website just lumps them all into the category of 'soloist' :rolleyes:

Thanks! :D

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Here they are, Betrande, taken from www.mariinsky.ru (and hoping this is the latest version):


Ayupova, Lopatkina, Makhalina, Nioradze, Vishneva, Zakharova;

Baranov, Fadeyev, Kolb, Korsuntsev, Kurkov, Ruzimatov, Zelensky

First soloists:

Dumchenko, Ivanova, Kullik, Tarasova, Zhelonkina;

Batalov, Korsakov, Matvienko, Ivanchenko, Kuznetsov, Yakovlev

Second soloists

Amosova, Golub, Gonchar, Kasenkova, Pavlenko, Serova, Sheshina;

Bobovnikov, Merkuriev, Ivanov, Sarafanov, Semionov

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The roster has now been updated in the Russian version of the Mariinsky website. http://www.mariinsky.ru/ru/ballet/soloist

The changes pointed out by Jeannie are now on line. Here are the principals and soloists:


Ayupova, Lopatkina, Makhalina, Nioradze, Vishneva, Zakharova

Baranov, Fadeyev, Kolb, Korsuntsev, Kurkov, Ruzimatov, Zelensky

1st soloists:

Dumchenko, Gumerova, Ivanova, Kullik, Part, Pavlenko, Sologub, Tarassova, Zhelonkina

Batalov, Ivanchenko, Korsakov, Kuznetsov, Merkuriev, Sarafanov, Yakovlev

2nd soloists:

Amosova, Golub, Gonchar, Josifidi, Kassenkova, Osmolkina, Ostreikovskaya, Serova, Sheshina

Bobovnikov, Ivanov, Khrebtov, Semionov, Shcheglov, Shcherbakov

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As I was roaming around the boards, I noticed that Ekaterina Osmolkina and Tatyana Tkachenko were mentioned among those that were promoted within the ranks of the Kirov. Now, I should back up and explain that about 2 years ago, on a random trek through a Japanese ballet shop, I came across a video-set of variations as taught by teachers at the Vaganova Choreographic Institute. Among those performing the variations (and shown in the painful albeit rewarding learning process) were the students Osmolkina and Tkachenko, with the former dancing Diana (from Diana and Acteon pdd) and Aurora, and the latter doing Kitri and the "big, jumpy" grand allegro variation from Paquita.

They were both great, with Osmolkina being the more refined of the two, and I was ecstatic upon learning that these dancers, obviously having some talent, are starting their rise to the top.

And to think, I saw them before any of this promotion nonsense. :)

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