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Le Talisman

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Is someone able to tell me something about a Petipa ballet called "Le Talisman"? I own a video called "the children of Theatre Street" in which a part of is is shown. I wud welcome information on the plot, whose the music is, who danced it for the first time, and if it still danced, because i have not seen it anywhere else but in that video.



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A pas de deux (at least) from The Talisman survives and was in the repertory of the Royal Ballet a couple of years ago, performed by Miyako Yoshida and Irek Mukhamedov (I don't know if this was brought in specially for him, if it still survives in Russia somewhere).

It was about 10 minutes or so - a reasonably substantial chunk, with some very attractive costumes designed by Elizabeth McGorian (a character artist with the Royal). The premise, if I recall correctly, was that he was some kind of god of the wind and storm, and she was some delicate summer breeze being courted by him - it cetainly featured some very fine and delicate steps for her and huge leaps from him.

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