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Grand-Prix Finals, St. Petersburg (Feb28-Mar 1)


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I'm starting this thread in hopes that someone else in StP may be able to attend this next week. I'm planning on going to only the short programs (afternoon of Feb 28), as I'm attending the Mariinsky Ballet Festival on all evenings. With the short programs, at least I'll get to see every skater, in every discipline, 'live' once. Sasha Cohen skates 'Malaguena' for her SP...my all-time favorite Sasha-Program. I hope that she can concentrate through all her elements, including footwork. :cool:

Come to think of it, I sure hope that the foreign skaters will have time to attend a ballet performance or two, before the competition. I bet that they would love it. I've spotted Pluschenko & other famous Russian skaters at the ballet several times, in the past.

**** p.s. - I was unable to attend this event when I was in StP, due to packed ballet festival schedule, going on at same time. Yeah...but I saw the ABC team (incl infamous Dick Button) and several skaters at the airport the day after the competition ended...ha-ha! On to Worlds.

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I'm so jealous ! I would hate to have to choose between the skating and the ballet !

I know Sarah Hughes attended a Kirov performance when she competed at the Cup of Russia. Angela Nikodinov got to see a one, but it was during some vacations with her late coach (you can watch some pictures of that trip on her ofiicial website). I hope that some of the skaters will go, but I'm a little sceptical about that.

I saw Sasha Cohen at the Lalique TRophy and I like her SP a lot (fall on double axel that day). If she can finally skate cleanly, I guess she will very hard to beat. :)

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