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Valda Setterfield

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Gia Kourlas profiles Valda Setterfield (one of my favorite dancers!) in the NYTimes today:

Her Curves and Angles Can Mesh in Elegance

VALDA SETTERFIELD does not look like anybody else, and that's not always a good thing. When she is performing in dances by her husband, the choreographer David Gordon, she is all quirky, angular elegance. But when she is acting in movies or plays, her individuality makes her an oddball.

Film and stage directors "don't know where to put me," she said over tea at a SoHo hotel. "It's both an asset and a problem."

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I've recently seen Setterfield in her son's theatre piece and am looking forward to seeing the Pick UP Co at the Joyce on Tues.

I wish I had seen her dancing with Merce. In addition to a lovely movement style, there is an air of mystery and reserve in Setterfield's style that would have been fascinating to watch in Cunningham's work.

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