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Hi - I have another question for the video specilists

I wud very much like to see a video on Raymonda. The only ones I know about are Bolshoi with Semenyaka, and Bolshoi with Bessmertnova.

Are there any other versions around on video? In particular, I very much wud like to see one by the Kirov.



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unfortunately as with so many other filmed ballets, RAYMONDA was filmed and shown complete with the kirov, but, if mem. serves, only in the UK. it starred kolpakova and bereznoj, w/ selutsky, i think, as aberrakhmann. alas it has not been released commercially.

maybe if enough posts such as these come in a distributor w/ interest in releasing dvd's might get the hint and take the plunge with several of these older films.

tho' i would not count strongly on my fantasy coming to pass.

there are also kirvo excerpts of the same production from an earlier period led by dudinskaya and sergeyev himself, but this truncated version has been seen only in bits and pieces on a few russian ballet compilations tapes. it seems to be have been made around the time the 'stars of russian ballet' film was put together, but finally that film showed only truncated versions of swanlake, fountainofbakhchisarai and flamesofparis. but i've always suspected that bits of the raymonda with dudniskaya&sergeyev were done at a similar length for possible inclusion in this film and then not chosen for the final cut. but his is only a hunch.

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There is also a short fragment of a Kirov's Raymonda pas de deux on "The Glory of the Kirov" VHS/DVD, featuring Kolpakova and Semenov. Some marvelous dancing there :).

In the mid-nineties Russian TV made documentaries about both versions the Kirov Ballet dances (K. Sergeyev and Y. Grigorovich), showing rehearsals and large excerpts of the ballet itself.

As to the famous full length Raymonda with Kolpakova and Berezhnoi, broadcasted by the BBC, one can only hope....

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to Marc:

Yes, I own that video and I agree with you: Kolpakova and Semenov's dancing is truly glorious - so classical and refined. I had got a wrong impression about her (from her "Sleeping Beauty" with Berezhnov - she was absolutely correct and classical, but ... I was not moved), but it was totally changed when I saw the "grand adagio" from "Raymonda" on that film. I believe this impression is enhanced in this case by the fact that the film is in black and white.... which gives it a more intimate touch, the touch a pas de deux like that shud have, in my opinion.


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