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Worlds, Washington DC


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Couldn't resist. I am going, but just for one day. I couldn't really spare any more time--or $$$.

After lots of thought, I chose Wednesday March 26. Even though the US Pairs are rather deplorable, I decided I really wanted to see the Pairs final. There is also a Ladies' qualifying round earlier in the day.

Who will be there? Jeannie, I believe you will. I tried to PM you, but your box is full. Anyone else? I'd love to meet.

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Hi, rkoretzky -

Yes, I'll be there, Tuesday through Saturday night, then back to Moscow on Sunday 9so I'll miss the exhibitions). Sure, I'd love to get together. You can count on that.

My mailbox has been pruned, btw, so you can send message.

Are you doing signs or flags? I always travel to competitions with two big flags -- USA & Russia!! :)

You've selected a wonderful day. The ladies qualifyer should be grand - a chance to see each & every competitor (usually around 35 ladies) in her long program. Pairs will be fun and, perhaps, I'll have an oppotunity to wave one of my two flags when the gold medalist's national anthem is played...guess which one? :) But 'my skaters' will have to get past the favorites from China (who I also happen to admire).

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