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Injuries and other questions

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Originally posted by Dale

No word yet on Robert Tewsley's height.

Hardly an absolute measure, but seemed to me on Tuesday night during the curtain call for Symphony in C (which he danced very well), that Tewsley is taller than Higgins and Soto, but not quite as tall as Nilas. I guess taller than Jock could mean tall.

Best wishes to Nikolaj.

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This isn't gossip.

Hubbe has had surgery on both knees and a hip.

I am sending him all sorts of get well wishes as I look forward to his return in the spring almost as much as I do the daffodils ;)

Robert Tewsley is tall. Not as tall as Askegard, but at least 6' and maybe 6'1".....

I would like them to do Sleeping Beauty and then we could two perfect Princes in Hubbe and Tewsley......

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When Tewsley guested with the company a few years ago, he partnered Somogyi in the third movement. She's gone on to the first movement and I wish he would too, instead of having N. Martins do the role. Bouder and Millepied were fantastic together in the third movement last year. With Bouder out right now, I'd love to see a dancer such as Carrie Lee Riggins in the part, partnered by Carmenia. It wasn't so long ago Riggins was doing a few solo parts here and there, like Winter in Four Seasons, and gave nicely detailed performances.

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I vote for Tewsley and Somogyi in Third Movement. I've thought Somogyi somewhat miscast in 1st, wishing to see someone with a little more classic physique, build and presence there, leading the first cohort. And they were perfect together in 3d movement two years ago.

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