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Useful links for Kirov/Mariinsky and ballet in St. Petersburg

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Here are some useful links re the Kirov/Mariinsky and ballet in St. Petersburg.

* The official site of the Mariinsky Theatre:

http://www.mariinsky.ru/ru (Russian section)

http://www.mariinsky.ru/en (English section)

Unfortunately the English section limps a bit behind the Russian one and is less frequently updated.

The monthly schedule of the theatre can be found on:


There are now also online booking facilities:


* The official site of the Vaganova Ballet Academy in St. Petersburg:


In Russian, Japanese, and they are working on the English section.

* The site of the St. Petersburg Mussorgsky State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre - Mikhailovsky theatre (the Maly Theatre):


In Russian and English.

* The site of the Hermitage Theatre in St. Petersburg:


In Russian, English, French, and German.

* The site of St. Petersburg Ballet Theatre (Tachkine Ballet Theatre):


In Russian and English

* Unfortunately there aren’t that many sites about Kirov dancers yet. Here are few, usually containing a short biography and photos (in Russian and English):

Irma Nioradze: http://www.irmanioradze.ru/

Natalia Dudinskaya: http://dudinskaya.narod.ru/

* Biographies and photos of Kirov (and other) dancers can also be found on:

Small Ballet Encyclopedia: http://www.ballet.classical.ru/

A site in full expansion. Now mostly only in Russian, although the first steps towards an English translation have been made.

For Ballet Lovers Only: http://www.for-ballet-lovers-only.com/

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