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There are so many for so many different purposes, I can't single ONE out as a favorite. I'd hate to see Offenbach used for a telling of the Ring of the Nibelungen, though, or Alban Berg used for a ballet about Winnie-the-Pooh.

By the way, you don't have to create a new thread when you want to reply to a previous post. There's a button right next to New Thread marked Reply to Post, and that will continue the thread so one doesn't have to jump from thread to thread to follow a conversation.

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thanks again, I guess it's going to take a few tries to get this right!

By the way I looked at some old stuff people wrote about swan lake that interested me quite a lot, especially the supposed problem with act IV? I must say I've watched a few productions of the ballet, especially recently as I'm writing a dissertation on it for my degree, and although it is obvious that many interpret the ending in different ways I don't see the problem in a) ending it happily, and B) why there is a dancing/ music problem with it anyway. I was just wondering if you had any further views on it, especially if you've seen more productions of it recently.

By the way I've seen the following versions: Swedish royal ballet, Siberian state ballet(sergei boborov), royal opera house (covent garden) petipa-ivanov.

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In its original form, Act IV was very under-filled by Tchaikovsky, perhaps to compensate for an overfull Act I - about an hour in the 1877 score. Drigo had to fill a lot of space and provide time for the story to resolve by interpolating transcriptions of two Tchaikovsky piano pieces.

Since you're writing on the ballet, have you seen:



It's not so old, I only wrote it a couple of years ago.

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