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Should dancers do publicity?

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They learn the steps, they essentially sell the tickets, then they have to go out and perform.

NYCB even has a "dancer of the week" which hasn't been done because they can't get the dancers to sit down for the interviews.

Do dancers have an obligation to do p.r. as well?

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In larger companies, if it's in their contract, and the time is compensated as work time, then of course they're obligated to do it. In smaller companies, where the labor agreement may be more amorphous, the dancers can decide for themselves whether to do it or not, but self-interest ought to prompt the dancer to do what s/he can in order to preserve the source of livelihood.

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Dancers are performers like any others. I think it's accepted that when you write a book (okay, not if you're Thomas Pynchon), do a film or play, or anything else for which public attention is desirable, not to say essential, you do press.

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