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I told my mom to get tickets for the winter mixed program but by accident she got it for Swan Lake. I have heard about it and it doesn't sound so great. But I guess it's ok because I never saw Kuldelka's version. The day I go and see it is with Chan Hon Goh and GEON VAN DER WYST. And Christopher Body as Rothbart. As anyone seen either one of these dancers in Kuldelka's Swan Lake? If so, how did you like it?( refering to the dancers)


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Guest brianne

i like to see chan dance. but i dont like geon. the first time i saw him i was with my boyfriend who had never seen a ballet in his life, and even he noticed his bad balance.

i have seen him in class and i dont think he is that great. i would much rather see guillome cote.

but if you have the tickets definitly go. i want to see it just to have a look for myself. i have heard all the bad things but i guess i need to see it for myself.

chan is most definitly a beautiful dancer and its worth seeing. enjoy!

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