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Golden Mask Awards to be held in StP; Mariinsky Nominees

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Here are relevant ballet-related snippets from a large article in recent St Petersburg Times. Well, I eat crow on the nomination of Ratmansky's horrendous [iMO] 'Cinderella' although I agree with the praise for Vishnyova's performance as Cinders.


golden mask festival set to shine

by Galina Stolyarova



The Golden Mask awards, Russia's top

performing-arts festival, are usually held in

Moscow but, this year, are coming north, and

kick off at the Alexandriinsky Theater on March

27. The productions nominated for awards will

show for two weeks at various venues, and the

award ceremony will be held at the Mariinsky

Theater in April.

According to Golden Mask Director Eduard

Boyakov, the idea of holding the festival in St.

Petersburg first occurred to him in 2000. (Perhaps coincidentally, the

decision was announced shortly after Vladimir Putin, a St.

Petersburg native, was elected president.) Few would argue that the

city, which claims a hearty share of each year's prizes, deserves to

host the country's most prestigious arts event.

St. Petersburg actors, directors and designers have been nominated

for 34 awards in 15 categories. Somewhat oddly - especially given

the location of the final ceremony - perennial conducting nominee

Valery Gergiev has been passed over this year.

....[snip - snip...opera stuff]

Alexei Ratmansky is nominated twice as best choreographer, for the

Mariinsky's "Cinderella" and "Lea" at Moscow's Bolshoi Post

Modern Theater. His only rival is France's Rolan Petit, for "The

Queen of Spades" and "Passacaglia," both at Moscow's Bolshoi

Theater. "Cinderella" is also listed for best set design (by Ilya Utkin

and Yevgeny Monakhov), best female dancer (Diana Vishnyova who,

earlier this month, was named Europe's best dancer, also for

Cinderella, by Dance Europe magazine), and best male dancer

(Andrei Merkuriyev, as the Prince). "Cinderella" is also nominated as

best ballet.

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