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Worse, it was such a cheap-looking schmatte, like something out of a recital catalogue. This is really an old publicity trick, "love me or hate me, but spell my name right." The best revenge would be to say nothing, in a nearly Oriental way, conveying that, "you've lost sufficient face on your own, I won't add to it by noticing."

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I don't think it's outrageous enough to warrant attention - it's a poor imitation of Sarah Jessica Parker in the opening credits of Sex and the City and Sarah looked much better in it too! Bjork's swan dress at the Oscars is still a vivid memory. I don't think anyone could ever top that. :cool:

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Now, now. We should be encouraging Lara. Sorry I missed it. She is carrying on the great tradition of Cher and Geena Davis, which involves the wearing of flamboyantly tasteless gowns to the Oscars and the GGs. Nowadays we hardly ever see such things, although as noted Bjork made an important contribution to the canon at the last Oscars.

Yes, we see bad, we see tasteless, but not on the truly spectacular heights that used to be reached regularly. I think the bad press on such matters is worse than it used to be, and the actresses are leery. It's too bad.

Old Fashioned, I agree with you on the Nicholson thing. It's too gross for words.

This year, I'm also looking forward to the Botox Effect, displayed most strikingly by Halle Berry last year when she had her nervous breakdown en route to the podium. Every part of her face collapsed save for her forehead, which was oddly impervious to her emotional turbulence.

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Rumor going around is that Nicholson asked her to wear the outfit.

All silly Hollywood speculation.

As for the attention factor, hey Ms. Boyle is being talked about on a ballet chat board!

Most of the fashionistas agreed, she didn't out Bjork, Bjork, but it was close.

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Guest Peregrin Took

Well, I guess it would be better than the small rags you see celebrities wearing nowadays. Perhaps she's getting in touch with her 'inner child'. I have no objection.

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