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New Kirov Roster - Where are Gumerova, Sologob, Iosifidi?

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I notice that the Kirov-Mariinsky's website has been updated to included the most recently-hired soloists (the Ukraineans Nadezhda Gonchar & Leonid Sarafanov) but some favorites have been deleted???

We already know about Veronika Part's departure, to the ranks of ABT, last fall. However, I was shocked to not see the names of Sofia Gumerova, Alexandra Iosifidi and Natalia Sologub on the soloist (or principals) roster. I know that Gumerova danced last week's 'Swan Lake' so she could not have resigned THAT quickly!

Perhaps it is just a mistake of the webmaster?

On a similar note: Matvienko seems to be back on the roster??? I thought that he had left a few months ago. Maybe I am hallucinating because of the freezing temperatures here. Back to my hot chocolate & goose-down comforter. :)

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