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Winter DanceView is out

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I'll be mailing out the latest issue of DanceView (Winter 2003) throughout the week.

This issue includes:

A Conversation with Wendy Whelan, by Marc Haegeman

Cincinnati Ballet’s Ballet Russe Celebration, reviewed by Mary Cargill

San Francisco Ballet's fall City Center Season, reviewed by Gay Morris

A review of Miami City Ballet's latest Balanchine program, by Carol Pardo

Gretchen Ward Warren's report on the Cuban ballet scene , including reviews of several performances at the 40th International Ballet Festival in Havana

Mary Cargill's review of NYCB's spring 2002 season

The New York Report (this time, by Gay Morris, who will be alternating with Mary Cargill in the role :) ): ABT's fall City Center Season, Mark Morris's "The Hard Nut," and Meredith Monk's new "Mercy."

Jane Simpson's London Report, including news and reviews of The Royal Ballet, English National Ballet, Siobhan Davies, and Dance Theatre of Harlem's recent London season

and Rita Felciano's Bay Area Report, with reviews of several companies in the San Francisco area


Many Ballet Alertniks are familiar with with Marc Haegeman, Mary Cargill and Jane Simpson from their posts here. Carol Pardo and Rita Felciano are also regular writers, though not posters.

I'm very glad that Gay Morris, who once edited book reviews and wrote from San Francisco for us, is back on board. Gay is now based in New York. She's an art critic as well as a dance critic, and is the editor of the book Moving Words: Re-Writing Dance an excellent collection of essays about issues in dance today

I'm also very pleased to have a contribution from Gretchen Ward Warren, a noted teacher, whose Classical Ballet Technique is THE standard today and, with its 1600 photos of steps, from different angles, is of value to the balletgoer as well as the dancer or teacher, and whose The Art of Teaching Ballet: Ten Twentieth-Century Masters is both an interesting read for balletgoers interesting in teaching and coaching, but detailed enough to be of value to teachers.

And no, they didn't ask me to include those commercials :( But it's nice to know a little something about the people whose articles you're reading.

DanceView is available by subscription only. It's black and white with no ads.

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No one will get this before next Wednesday or Thursday, earliest, but when you do, I hope there will be discussion. Old-tiimers will remember that I began this board as an online Letters to the Editor for DanceView and Ballet Alert!, and I'd like to revive that aspect of the board.

So comment, quibble, disagree, agree, ask questions, whatever!

Thank you :)

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I'd rather see ballet than read about it, so when I finally opened the Winter 2003 issue of "DanceView", I turned first to reviews of what I'd seen in the theatre to find out whether any of it would come to life again. Having seen the Cincinnati ballet's "Ballet Russe" program in Cincinnati last October, I want to testify to the excellence of Mary Cargill's evocation of the Beggar's solo from "Devil's Holiday" on page 3 of the issue, just a part of her too-short account of the celebration. It made the dance live again for me, as though she had a bit of Fred Franklin's own magic.

(One quibble: I found a few, though too few, performance photos in the costume-design exhibit to compare with the original designs.)

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